Are your putting out content your audience understands?

I just want to clear up one definition and this is as a result of my sister, who’s not in the business of marketing nor does she run her own company. So she is not concerned with anything to do with marketing that pops up on her Facebook feed from.  The posts that I put up sometimes mention the word “content”. 

One day my sister sent me a message asking what content meant. “It’s in your feed and I kept hearing about it and didn’t understand.”

So that made me think really about the word and how it could be jargon in my industry and that the consumer might not necessarily understand. I was committing the cardinal sin – not putting out content your audience understands!

So while you are using such words all the time when talking to clients, you need to be aware of the vocabulary that is common for you, but that they may not understand.

So what is content?

Content is anything that you put in front of your customer. These days it’s usually online but it can be anywhere, in print as well. It can take any form so as long as it’s information that’s been given to the customer. It can be images or text and it can be trying to sell or educate.  It’s done to build relationships and it’s done to foster a sense of authority so that your customers will trust you and buy from you.

As a marketer of your business, you should find content a very useful tool and it’s a very important tool that you need to be able to create on a regular basis. This can be overwhelming, and I’ll cover in other blog articles about how to reduce the overwhelm.

There is no escaping the fact that you need to put out content so that people can continue to see you, and that they understand what you’re doing, what your values are, and they understand that you know what you’re talking about i.e. you’re an authority in your field and someone that they could use. Put out content your audience understands.

Ange Dove is an author, mentor and master copywriter. The founder of content creation agency, Proof Perfect, Ange is also known as Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother and coaches business owners to MarketSMART.