Need to be seen online in your business but you're terrified of being on camera?

Does it take you hours to create a simple one-minute video?

Do you go blank as soon as the camera turns on?

If so, this course was made for you!

Get a new lesson and a new assignment daily for 21 days. By the end of the course, your fears and insecurities around showing up on video will have vanished and you'll be making videos with confidence and style!

Enrol now for just $97 and gain a new skill

you can use for life!



Learn the angles you can take from and the impressions they make. learn the best angles to shoot from so you show up as your best self.


Learn the best way to light your shot to show you in the most flattering light and eliminate shadows.


Learn what kind of equipment you need to get started. You'll be surprised and how little it costs to get set up in your own "professional studio" at home.


Learn some handy techniques to help you come across as professional, such as looking into the camera, how to appear natural on camera and many more.

I take people who have a real fear of being on camera and help them disgard that fear and get comfortable presenting on video. It's a skill you can't lose once you learn it. If you want to build an online business but hate being on camera, you need this course!


Sam wanted to rid herself of the discomfort of being on camera so she could start to promote her services online. She was surprised the difference it made from day 1 to day 21!

Sam Parr

Trishia was uncomfortable speaking on camera but knew she had to overcome this fear if she was to run her online business. Taking the 21 day challenge resulted in a significant improvement in her technique and confidence.

Trishia Tee


If you've always wanted to get good on camera but just don't have the know-how and confidence, this is the course for you.

I was like you. I used to be terrified of being on camera and now I think nothing of it. How? I made it a habit and when something is a habit, there's no fear involved. It just takes 21 days.

Enrol now and every day you'll receive a new lesson and a practice exercise to do on camera. You can post your recording in the safety of our group until you gain the confidence to post on your own platforms!

By Day 21, you'll be a new person on camera!

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