Journey into entrepreneurship and an agency I love

During my teaching years, I got married to my amazingly supportive husband and we had two children, a boy and a girl.

When they were toddlers, I wanted to stay at home and look after them rather than teach English, so I looked for a way to do that. I couldn’t afford to give up working completely so there had to be a solution.

Luckily, the Internet had just become popular and home computers allowed people to work from home. (I still remember the delivery of my first home computers and not knowing how to turn it on! On that same day was my and my husband’s first exploratory search on the Internet for Scorpions (my husband’s favourite group), which promptly and unceremoniously directed us to a porn site on our first Internet search! Good old Alta Vista.

Anyway, this ability to search online and send emails from home enabled me to start my business Proof Perfect, a copywriting agency. I say agency but really I just wanted to provide writing services from home so I could look after my kids.

That plan was short lived as it turned out copywriting services were in great demand and I ended up having to hire staff and rent an office. So much for working from home. (This was before the Cloud, I have to remind younger readers.)

The picture you see here is a row of shophouses in Singapore on the street where my office was. It was a shophouse and we occupied the second and third levels and I built the business to 10 full-time staff at its “height”. We serviced, and still do, multinational companies, government agencies and larger SMEs in their content writing needs.

When the Cloud came along, all these handy apps completely revolutionised the way businesses could work. The larger companies are still playing catch-up all these years later but I jumped on the chance to streamline my business by leveraging technology.

By 2018, my business was operating completely virtually on the Cloud. It just made better business sense.