Captivated by another tiny island

After Malta, I spent my secondary school years in London and then worked in a bank for 8 years, some of that time in Sheffield, a city I love.

I say I worked in the bank, but it was really a big social club. The work wasn’t that engaging, but the people I worked with were amazing. It was happy times. 

Then I had the opportunity to visit Singapore and took up a teaching post there, having trained to teach English as a Foreign Language. The course was an 8-week crash course, but I spent 10 happy years teaching English to a mix of kids, teenagers, housewives and businessmen. 

If you are familiar with the comedy show Mind Your Language, I lived that for 10 years and have tales to tell, I can tell you. It will one day be a book!

The teaching led to some publishing work and I ended up publishing a few books to support students in China in their English Language revision for the MOE in China. That work sparked my love of writing once again, as I always used to love reading and writing in school.