Is your business profitable?

It will be if you put profit first

It's been our experience that many business owners think they are making a profit when in reality, they are not. There's a difference between what's on paper and what's the reality of your business performance.

That's why, at PerfecTEN, we use the Profit First system. First introduced by Mike Michalowicz in his book, Profit First, this system helps small businesses ensure they turn a profit.

How does the Profit First system work?

The Profit First system guides you to set aside the profits of your business first as a percentage of revenue. Once the profit is accounted for, you can make decisions in your business about how to spend the rest. This ensures that your spending does not eat into your profits.

We take a sales - profit = expenses approach

rather than a sales - expenses = profit approach.

How does the Profit First system transform your business?

Quite simply, it forces you to focus on profit rather than revenue.

  • You have the bottom line in your sights at all times.
  • It's easier to track progress and identify gaps so you can act early.
  • It boosts cash flow as you can re-invest profit quickly into the business during down times.
  • It consistently generates profits for your business from the very first deposit.

The Profit First system is easy to implement and it can have a big impact on your bottom line. At PerfecTEN, we'll train you to operate using the Profit First system so you can guarantee making a profit.

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Profit First


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PerfecTEN Mentoring

Profit First is a new accounting concept that takes some time to master. That's why we provide our clients 1-1 mentoring to go through Profit First Implementation and hold your hands in the months that follow to ensure you are optimising the process to derive maximum results.

Our PerfecTEN Mentoring Package is a 12-month programme and includes:

⁃ Profit First Assessment

⁃ Monthly review sessions

⁃ Fortnightly emails to stay on track

⁃ Online calculator for funds allocation

⁃ Expenses review

- Debt elimination plan

⁃ Quarterly profit distributions

This package is designed to keep the managing of your accounts simple, help you maximise your Profit First Implementation and keep you accountable to your goals.


Profit First Assessment

We use your current financial data to understand the baseline of your business finances, trends and habits. With this information, we compile a Profit First Assessment report. You can use this information over the next 12-18 months as a recommendation to change your current allocation percentages to the allocations we have targeted for you.

This package is ideal for you if you want to implement the Profit First System yourself with a bespoke plan to follow to get you to your Profit First goals.


Mike Michalowicz, author of the book Profit First, recommending Elsa Yong as your Profit First Mentor.

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