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EPISODE 20: How to build your authority with Bryan S. Arnold

In episode 20, I am joined by the Authority Coach, Bryan S. Arnold. He discusses with me the importance of building an authority in your niche for your audience, and how to keep the momentum going.

Rather than Build it and they will come, Bryan's mantra is Build It, Share It, and They Will Come. Join us and gain some wisdom form Bryan.

Check out his own podcast the Authority Project and get gifts at his website:

and look for his Authority Letters group coaching programme.

EPISODE 19: The ROI of investing in yourself

In this episode, I examine the reasons some people get a positive return on investment when they invest in themselves to improve their personal lives and businesses, and others do not, even when they invest in the same programme.

Book a free consult with me here to find out if investing in yourself now is likely to yield a positive ROI.

EPISODE 18: Protect your brand

In this episode, I outline the importance of creating your full brand identity when you start your business. This is so you don't end up after a few years with a brand that is inconsistent across all your marketing collateral. 

I cover:

  • what I've seen the mistakes other start-ups make and the expense it leads to
  • how they end up in a hot marketing mess and how you can avoid this expensive mistake
  • why your logo is not your sole brand identity
  • the importance of documenting your brand with rules designers can follow
  • what to do with your colour palettes, fonts, images, design templates

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EPISODE 17: How to get better engagement for your LinkedIn ads

In this episode, I discuss the importance of understanding your customer's motivation for responding to an ad you place on LinkedIn.

I'll go through:

  • what you shouldn't advertise for
  • why knowing you have a great product isn't enough
  • why asking people to engage with you without dangling a juicy carrot won't work
  • words that you should avoid at all costs

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EPISODE 16: How to start a business as a side hustle with Caleb Sim

In this episode, I interview a young serial entrepreneur, Caleb Sim, founder of Genia and an SEO expert.

Caleb talks about his experience setting up businesses from the age of 17 before he entered poly and the lessons he learned along the way.

Listening to this podcast, you will gain insights into:

  • the mindset you need to get a business going
  • how to start a business while you are working or studying
  • the pitfalls to avoid in building trust with clients and protecting your reputation
  • the importance of being able to deliver
  • a typical day in a life of an entrepreneur and why those feelings you feel are completely normal

You can learn more from Caleb Sim at:

Caleb's LinkedIn page 


EPISODE 15: How to get started with Facebook Ads with Annelise Worn

In this episode, I interview Annelise Worn, CEO, business strategist, marketing mentor, speaker and mother of 3. Annelise discusses the dos and don'ts of running facebook ads. In this conversation, we discuss:

  • the strategy behind running a campaign
  • the ONLY time you want to boost a Facebook post
  • why you can't send cold traffic to a sale
  • how to set up your campaign and test, test, test
  • the importance of remarketing and why it's a really good idea
  • the balance between paid and organic reach and why paid ads gets you there quicker
  • where to get extra help from Facebook's own free resources

you can find out more about Annelise at or visit her on Instagram at @annelise.worn

EPISODE 14: How to get clear on your message with Eleanor Fong

In this episode, I interview Eleanor Fong, a purpose and life coach, helping heart-centred people on the path to giving their unique gifts to the world. 

I discuss with Eleanor:

  • the importance of setting your intention
  • trusting the process and accepting what it reveals
  • understanding that things are meant to be
  • knowing that your life's purpose will present when you are ready
  • the fact that you have it all within you already and you just need guidance to bring it out

To learn more from Eleanor visit or check Eleanor out on Instagram @eleanor_fong_ or visit Eleanor's page Bloom In on Facebook

EPISODE 13: How to build a website that sells for you with Mark Kumar

In this episode, I interview lifestyle entrepreneur Mark Kumar from New York. A serial entrepreneur, Mark is an experienced website, app and CMS creator and he sheds light on the dos and don'ts of creating a website for your business.

You can reach mark at

EPISODE 12: How and why to create a comfortable workspace

In this episode, I cover the perils of changing your workspace and how that can impact your efficiency, productivity and creativity. You'll find tips on how to organise your space for better movement and why you need to declutter, even if you are a messy worker like me!


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