Through a networking contact, I was asked one time to visit a local school and give a presentation about marketing to a group of final year primary students.

In Singapore each years, the final year students are tasked with setting up their own business and to sell their wares in the school fate.

This particular teacher thought it would be good for the students to hear from me as to how they could position their offers.

Looking back on it, this really was the seed for my MarketSMART Learning Hub. It excited me to get back into “teaching” again. But this time, it wasn’t English I was teaching but rather what I know as a business owner and marketer.

On from there, I started to listen to a lot of business owners saying they were frustrated with trying to market their business but didn’t know the tech, or couldn’t write the copy or could brand their package well.

I’d been where they were. Marketing online was not intuitive for me either as I came from a print background so I had to invest my time and money in reeducating myself on the process.

Then I started to think, there is a need for this. It is not easy. There are plenty of barriers to getting business owners to market themselves. I had the knowledge. I should help.

That’s how MarketSMART and my proprietary Get Ready Get Seen Get Business programme was conceived.