An idyllic childhood

I spent my primary school years growing up in Malta, just below Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. It was an idyllic time for me and I loved Malta. We used to live in a little fishing village, Marsaxlokk, that you see in this photo. Me and my sister spent our days at school in the mornings and at the beach club swimming and playing in the afternoons.

ABBA, David Soul, Starsky and Hutch and Space 1999 were what pre-occupied my pre-teens years, and I distinctly remember a visit to the cinema with Sam, my best friend to see the new Pink Panther movie! 

At the beach club, we also witnessed the making of a James Bond movie with a fake shark, and had a scare with a real shark in the waters, which grounded us all for a while. 

We left in 1978, after Malta had gained its independence and I was devastated to leave.

I remember touching down to a very different life in the UK on a snowy January day, 18 January 1978 to be precise. I got off the plane knee-deep in snow. That was exciting for a few days as we had never seen snow before. But the novelty soon passed. I think Malta had forever instilled in me the love of warmer climates!