The reason I ask is that this week I’ve had three simple short messages misread by the readers.

It had me scratching my head.

Was I failing to communicate? Were the communications too complicated or convoluted?

I looked hard but no, they were straight forward and easy to understand.

The readers just hadn’t taken the time and focus to actually read the message as delivered.

All cases were a case of word blindness.  Like an ad that was on TV a few years ago about only hearing the good stuff – selective hearing.

Well, we are now seeing selective reading.  Even short messages are being misunderstood because the readers are missing out important words in an effort to read fast, I guess.

In an age where video is the preferred method for digesting information, listening skills must be overtaking reading skills and reading is becoming a forgotten, dare I say dying, art.

It remains to be seen if I will have a career five years hence if words are losing their power?   🙁

What do you think?


Ange Dove is an author, mentor and master copywriter. The founder of content creation agency, Proof Perfect, Ange is also known as Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother and coaches business owners to MarketSMART.