It’s the perennial problem for every marketer – how to stand out and get noticed by your prospective customers

Do you have a prospective customer you’ve been chasing for so long and who has been ignoring you? You need to try something maybe a little different than just social media or email marketing. You need to stand out and be noticed!

Now one of the ways to solve the problem of how to stand out and be noticed is to do something different.

It might be doing something old school like putting pen to paper and actually writing to them, you know, sending them a little postcard note of thanks rather than blasting an email.

OK that seems counterintuitive. Nobody writes anymore.


But hey, that’s EXACTLY why you’re going to get noticed.

Because nobody writes anymore, if you’re the person who sits down and writes a nice personal thank-you note to your client or to a potential customer, you’re going to get noticed by them and they will appreciate the extra effort and feel valued.

It’s all about making your clients feel valued. When they feel valued, they’re more likely to stay with you. They’re more likely to buy from you. So try to think of different ways that you can stand out and attract customers by doing things a little differently than everybody else. 

So think of how to stand out in your marketing.

Ange Dove is an author, mentor and master copywriter. The founder of content creation agency, Proof Perfect, Ange is also known as Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother and coaches business owners to MarketSMART.