Creating an irresistible brand

I had a fruitful discussion with one of my coaching clients today about creating an irresistible brand. We discussed strategies to develop multiple revenue streams for her business off her brand. And it occurred to me that the information we discussed would be useful to any business owner looking to maximise revenue and expand business beyond a brick and mortar offering. So I thought I’d share our discussion with you here.

A coach can add a fresh perspective

When you look at things from just one angle, you can get stuck. Having a coach to mull things over with and brainstorm other possibilities you hadn’t thought of is well worth considering. And this is what happened to my client. As I spoke to her, it became clear that she could monetise her business in other ways that time doesn’t limit. You see, her main business restricted her to personalised one-on-one treatment sessions with individual clients. She was trading her time for money. AND wasn’t commanding a price that indicated her true worth to boot! Part of her strategy needed to include creating an irresistible brand that could see her charging her true worth.

Build a tribe of your ideal clients

She told me of her brilliant idea to expand her reach by creating a “tribe” – a following of ideal clients. She planned to do this by running a series of webinars where she interviewed known experts in niche services related to her business. What a fantastic idea! Not only will she bring immense value to her existing tribe, but will find extra followers from the tribe of her interviewees. Essentially she would be creating an irresistible brand by association! But then we hit on other ways to expand this. I suggested that she compile a book of all the interviews as a further way to tap on celebrity and build credibility. When you have a book, you automatically become an authority. We also explored hosting her video interviews on her newly set-up You Tube channel, adapting the content to blogs and articles, and sharing the experience on Facebook.

Build a range of products at different price points

Then we really got into the meat of the discussion. My client needed to create a range of education product offerings at different price points. The lower-priced products such as the ebook could hook people in where she hadn’t quite built that trust, then she could add this new tribe into a paid membership site where she could feed in monthly training. Webinar courses at a much higher price point would be a great way for her to reach and help more people than providing her service one on one. Delivering these webinars live on a weekly basis, in other words giving her personal time, would allow her to charge more for the course than offering a recorded webinar alone.

By creating an irresistible brand, you can command a higher price

This led on to my client understanding that by setting up a range of educational products that positioned her as an authority in her field, she would be able to price her one-on-one services higher because she would have a higher perceived value. Why? Because she would be creating an irresistible brand. Then adding on exclusive retreats for a select small group of her clients – a mastermind experience – would command a premium price for her top-of-the-range product offering. I’m so excited for her and can’t wait to see her put this all into practice, add greater value for her clients and maximise her revenue! And that’s how you create an irresistible brand!

Ange Dove is an author, mentor and master copywriter. The founder of content creation agency, Proof Perfect, Ange is also known as Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother and coaches business owners to MarketSMART.