How to create great content without the overwhelm

create great content

How to create great content without the overwhelm? As business owners, we all want to be visible, to get exposure for our business. One way of doing that is to create great content. So I want to look in this blog at what is content, why do you need to create it, what kind of…

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Stick with it. Consistent marketing get results

consistent marketing

When the first attempt at anything doesn’t work, do you give up or stick with it and try again? Of course, you try again. Why would marketing your business be any different? Like anything else it requires consistent marketing. I want to talk today about this misconception some business owners have when they’re trying to…

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Why you need to be an authentic brand

When building your brand, don’t try to be what you are not. That’s hard to live up to. Build an authentic brand that isn’t trying to be something it’s not.  You want to show up as yourself, but the highest version of yourself. But it needs to be YOU! Really own who you are as…

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How to communicate value for your customers

communicate value

If you’ve listened to me or know me, you know you have to not only create value for your customers but communicate value.    But how do you communicate value? Well, first of all you need to be able to communicate in a very simple way to your perspective target audience or your customers. You…

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How to get your offer in front of people that will buy from you

people that will buy from you

How do you get your offer in front of people that will buy from you? Today I want to cover another misconception that I’ve come across in my 20 years serving business owners. This is an error that a lot of business owners make when they’re trying to market their business. They try to get…

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How to write copy that resonates

Today I want to give you a little copywriting tip around how to write copy that resonates with your target audience. First of all you need to identify who your target audience is. Next, you need a way that you can communicate with them on a mass level where you can send them a survey.…

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Why you must put out content your audience understands.

content your audience understands

Are your putting out content your audience understands? I just want to clear up one definition and this is as a result of my sister, who’s not in the business of marketing nor does she run her own company. So she is not concerned with anything to do with marketing that pops up on her…

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Why your leads aren’t converting

why your leads aren't converting

Let’s look at lead generation and in particular lead conversion. What does that mean? Lead generation is the activity of bringing people to your website or your sales page. If you have good lead generation that means you’ve got traffic coming over to your website. That’s a great position to be in – until you…

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Why being an author is great for your personal brand

being an author

Always thought of being an author one day but can’t write a book? I’ve been talking recently about how to set up your personal brand and how to establish your personal brand and get your name out there. One of the ways you can establish a personal brand is being an author and writing a…

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Lesson learnt

Two things culminated today that made me look at my own behaviour and consider whether I’d set people’s expectations up to believe one thing when I knew I meant another. And I guess I’ve done it loads of times in my life. I was a people pleaser. I found it easier under pressure to agree…

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Copy Warrior never takes the easy road

As the Copy Warrior, my role goes beyond taking briefs and spewing out relevant copy as a paid copywriter. It’s about really taking care of my clients. Making sure that not only do they get the copy they want, but they get the copy they NEED. It’s as much protecting their corporate reputation as creating…

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What is a Copy Warrior and do you need one?

What image does the word “warrior” conjure up for you? Probably a mythological soldier type ready to go to war for what he – or she – believes he – or she- has to protect. Sword and shield in hand. Well, that’s pretty much what springs to mind for me. I’m the Copy Warrior –…

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Do your potential customers get what you do, really?

One of the most common mistakes I see businesses make in their marketing is not clearly communicating what it is they actually do and the obvious benefit that brings to their clients. They think what is obvious to them should be obvious to EVERYBODY. But I’m here to tell you that is simply not so.…

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