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How to communicate value for your customers

communicate value

If you’ve listened to me or know me, you know you have to not only create value for your customers but communicate value.    But how do you communicate value? Well, first of all you need to be able to communicate in a very simple way to your perspective target audience or your customers. You…

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Create a brand experience your customers will love

create a brand experience

I want to touch in this blog on branding for your business and getting you to look at how to create a brand experience your customers will love, whether you have an in-store service business or you are completely online. Either way, you will be offering touch points where your customers get to experience your…

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Why knowing your avatar is so important

In my courses, I cover modules on knowing your avatar. No, I don’t mean blue creatures from the movie of the same name! In marketing, your avatar is a profile of your ideal client – the kind of people you want to work with, have the same shared values with, who appreciate what you do…

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Ed Sheeran shows the power of an authentic brand

Yesterday I went to see Ed Sheeran in concert in Singapore.  It was epic to say the least. I’ve been going to concerts all my life. When I lived in the UK I could see anyone I fancied as UK was always on the tour list of any band. Singapore, where I live now, not…

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Marketing to Gen Z – you can forget gender

I’ve been brand writing recently for a hospitality company marketing to Gen Z. Research into the target market brought up some really interesting facts for the project, and for me personally. Gen Z are those who are just now entering adulthood and finding their place in the world. And it so happens to be where my kids…

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Creating an irresistible brand with one of my coaching clients

Creating an irresistible brand I had a fruitful discussion with one of my coaching clients today about creating an irresistible brand. We discussed strategies to develop multiple revenue streams for her business off her brand. And it occurred to me that the information we discussed would be useful to any business owner looking to maximise…

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