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How to get your offer in front of people that will buy from you

people that will buy from you

How do you get your offer in front of people that will buy from you? Today I want to cover another misconception that I’ve come across in my 20 years serving business owners. This is an error that a lot of business owners make when they’re trying to market their business. They try to get…

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Create a brand experience your customers will love

create a brand experience

I want to touch in this blog on branding for your business and getting you to look at how to create a brand experience your customers will love, whether you have an in-store service business or you are completely online. Either way, you will be offering touch points where your customers get to experience your…

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Why your leads aren’t converting

why your leads aren't converting

Let’s look at lead generation and in particular lead conversion. What does that mean? Lead generation is the activity of bringing people to your website or your sales page. If you have good lead generation that means you’ve got traffic coming over to your website. That’s a great position to be in – until you…

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I virus-proofed my business – should I have bothered?

When COVID-19 first hit and lockdown forced the population into their homes, I thought my business was “virus” proof. I was wrong. You see, over the years, I’ve been adopting Cloud technologies and onboarding apps that would improve productivity, allow my teams to collaborate virtually and business was effectively run on the Cloud. We no…

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Taking stock during COVID-19 lockdown

We are all battling the Covid-19 virus in this first half of 2020. It’s not a turn of events many of us envisaged and fleeting hopes that it would resolve in a few weeks have proved unfruitful. Different countries have taken their own approached to controlling the spread based on their demographics and size, but…

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Is reading becoming a forgotten skill?

The reason I ask is that this week I’ve had three simple short messages misread by the readers. It had me scratching my head. Was I failing to communicate? Were the communications too complicated or convoluted? I looked hard but no, they were straight forward and easy to understand. The readers just hadn’t taken the…

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