I’ve had the chance to take another look back at the last decade thanks to an exercise put out by Marie Forleo.


What have you done you are most proud of in the last decade?

Apart from bringing my children from tweens into adulthood and proudly watching them come into their own, my personal breakthrough has been coming into my own and owning my personal brand. I’ve transitioned from someone who used to hide from the camera and refused to have my photo taken let alone make a video. I’ve become comfortable with who I am and am owning my authentic self. (Anyone who can’t accept my complete obsession with Alice Cooper just isn’t for me.)



Another achievement I’ve made over the last decade is being able to embrace the Cloud and change my business model to fully utilise the benefits of being Cloud based. As a result of this technology, I am able to work from any location worldwide with an Internet connection and draw on the talents of a global team on a project basis. It’s meant higher quality production for my clients and has completely relieved me of stress. It’s a totally different lifestyle and I’m loving it!


What obstacles have you overcome?

I’ve gone from being a complete technophobe to really embracing everything technology has to offer. It’s revolutionised the way I run my business and has allowed me to build on to my business by offering training solutions to small business owners to take them through the journey I have been on but in a fraction of the time and investment.


What results have you created in your life since 2010?

The experiences have been so varied. I’ve gone from a solopreneur to running an agency of 10 staff to moving with technology to change my business model to a much leaner animal. As a result, I have a business I can operate from anywhere.


I have a personal brand that establishes trust with my target audience and I’m able to impact the lives of other business owners who are today where I used to be – tech unsavvy and frustrated at not being able to market my business. I can take them from that state of paralysis to having full empowerment over their branding and marketing. That’s such a freeing feeling!


What have you learned over the last 10 years?

I think the biggest thing I have learned is that perfectionism is a dream killer. Good enough is good enough and it’s never going to be perfect. Waiting for that state means nothing gets done. 80% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

I also learned how to run a business and more importantly, how not to run one. Having built my business with no “schooled” knowledge of how to do so meant I made loads of mistakes, but I learned from them. I learned how to eventually create good recruitment ads to attract the right people. I learned how to let the business brand values drive the interview process and I learned that attitude can’t be trained. I am immensely grateful for the staff I have had over the years and am secure in the knowledge that you need to hire right to save yourself a world of stress and damage to your business and your brand.

Giving instructions in the right way is crucial so you minimise the need to repeat yourself and have others waste their time. Having a structured way to do this makes it easy and permanent. In fact, being able to systemise and automate everything that can be is crucial to running a lean business and freeing your time.

I also came to terms with my health and the need to be responsible for how I treat my body. It’s come late, but now I’m really enjoying being in the gym, getting a daily workout in and watching and feeling how my body is getting stronger. I’ve set myself up not to fail. My “office” today is a high-end gym which allows members to work at work stations and to be able to change into gym-supplied gym attire to go and do a workout any time of the day. When I want to relax, I can go lie by the outdoor pool on the 38th level overlooking downtown Singapore. Yes, I’m starting to put me first!

I also hired a personal trainer who has the expertise to train me right and holds me accountable to working out until now it’s a habit.

I’ve also learned to look after myself better by not putting so much pressure on myself. I realised that I was the only one doing it to me. I was creating my own hell. I realise now the importance of taking breaks, having time to myself, taking holidays and just living in the moment. I’ve seen the difference that has on my ability to be creative. It’s so under-estimated. The below images are from a cruise I took to LA and Mexico last month.



























What do you want to remember as you move into the next decade?

I think it is important to stay lean in business and physically! That will be my main focus in the next decade. And as I move forward, I will embrace new changes in technology to make business even easier and I will continue onwards with my fitness goals. It’s also important to keep learning and to have a mentor to learn from, to give you a perspective when you have blind spots and who believes in you and your potential. Mine is Joel Bauer.

And have a community of like-minded people around you.


What limiting beliefs have you kicked to the dust?

Anything that doesn’t serve me and serve my purpose has to go. Limiting beliefs like I’m not good enough, I’m too old, I’m not experienced enough, I’m too fat, no one will take me seriously – I had to work through all of those insecurities.

These limiting beliefs stopped me moving forward with my goals of starting my online coaching business and as a result there are people out there that I should have been serving but haven’t done. I realised that I have an OBLIGATION to get my message out there and pass on my life’s work and let others benefit from what I know.


If not now, then when?

If not me, then who?


Decade 2020, bring it on. I’m ready!

Ange Dove is an author, mentor and master copywriter. The founder of content creation agency, Proof Perfect, Ange is also known as Your Business Transformation Fairy Godmother and coaches business owners to MarketSMART.