Why your leads aren’t converting

Why your leads aren’t converting

Let’s look at lead generation and in particular lead conversion. What does that mean?

Lead generation is the activity of bringing people to your website or your sales page. If you have good lead generation that means you’ve got traffic coming over to your website. That’s a great position to be in – until you discover that they are not buying!


So let’s look at why your leads aren’t converting

Just because people turn up at your site does not necessarily mean they will buy.

I had a couple of my customers a few years ago come to me with the same problem. they were in different industries but they both had loads of traffic to their site and zero or very little sales conversion. No one was buying.

I knew before I even looked at their sites what the problem was. There was a disconnect between the offer on the ad and what the visitor saw when they landed on the page.

The expectations were not matter for one of several reasons and they left the site quickly or “bounced”.

Reasons people bounce can be:

  • the landing page doesn’t offer what was promised
  • the offer is hidden in the landing page
  • the visitor doesn’t understand the landing page
  • the branding of the page doesn’t instil trust


For one of my clients, the reasons were the site was too gaudy and didn’t instil the trust a customer would expect of a financial services provider. They also spoke above the customer’s head using jargon the customer couldn’t hope to understand. Nothing about the site said trust me with your money.

The other client was a tuition centre. Customers found the site too confusing, with too much information and, given it was an educational establishment, the trust was lost due to the ineffectual communication.

So think about these points as you’re building your website.


Build your site for your customer, not for yourself

Build it to communicate the value that you can deliver to the customer. Don’t make it confusing. Make sure your visual brand also communicates the right message to the customer so that they trust you and they want to do business with you. 

Remember, it’s not enough to get the right traffic. You’ve got to retain that traffic on your site and entice them in with easily understandable offers that they trust and will buy. Look at why your leads aren’t converting and make the changes needed. 

Be the business that they want to do business with.