A professional graphic designer needs to add value

We work in a highly digitised world and one that is rapidly changing the perceived value we deliver, given how easy it is to get things done online, often without professional assistance.

Do we need to hire a professional graphic designer anymore?

For example, today I can create my own social media posts, design the visuals and schedule my posts for years in advance if I want to. In the not-so-distant past that would have been impossible for me to do without design skills and traditional design software. But today the inbuilt design software in my post scheduler gives me all the tools I need to get my posts designed without relying on my design team for help. And the scary thing is, I can do it quicker than my trainee professional in-house graphic designers.

So that raises the question – what is the value of a professional graphic designer these days when there are so many tools out there that allow the layman to do it themselves?

Are you communicating your value?

As a professional graphic designer in this competitive environment, you need to be thinking about how you can add that extra value for your clients. Why should I hire you, a professional graphic designer, when I can get my posts done faster myself?  Do the advanced design skills of a professional graphic designer like you really make much of a difference to my posts?


I’d love to see your comments.



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