Reframe your marketing message for results!

If you’re not getting the positive reactions you hoped as you send out each marketing message, maybe you are simply not speaking your potential client’s language.

Try reframing the marketing message

You may think your marketing message is clear, but it’s really all about perspective, and perhaps your client is looking at things a different way. Perhaps you need to be reframing the conversation.

Reframing works.

Here’s what happened to me recently as an example of the POWER of this!

I’d been to see a client knowing that my marketing services could definitely help the business. And guess what? The marketing manager of the company I visited agreed! Project won, right?


You see, I didn’t have to convince him. I had to convince his boss.

So project won, right?


I couldn’t get in front of his boss because I had to rely on the marketing manager to “sell” me before I got a meeting.

What I didn’t think about hard enough was HOW I could help the marketing manager to sell me. I assumed (never assume folks!) that he would be able to do it alone.

I sent him my presentation deck as support. The portfolio alone should wow, right?


I even did a sample page writeup for him to show the boss. He paid me for that but then … silence.

So I assumed (don’t do that) that the writeup hadn’t impressed or that he hadn’t been able to convince the boss, and I left it alone.

Life and business went on.

Six months down the road, I introduced new service offerings in my marketing agency and started promoting those services.

I even wrote a book and gave it away to my clients FREE into the bargain!

Then I got an email from … guess who?

RIGHT! The marketing manager who had been unable to sell me to his boss. And he told me that this was ALL that had been holding the project back. He hadn’t been able to convince his boss to go ahead. He couldn’t sell the value of my services.

But he had GOOD NEWS. He had finally gotten through!

So what did the convincing?

Would you believe, MY BOOK! 11 Reasons Why Your Business Is Not Growing. (Still available to download here.)

It had helped the marketing manager reframe the conversation. It had helped him present 11 solid arguments as to why his boss NEEDED to act, and why I, as a marketing authority, was the person to help!

So next time you fail to get your client’s buy-in, try reframing your marketing message by reframing the conversation.






the missing piece
of your marketing puzzle.


There is always more to learn in a marketing agency

Working in a marketing agency, we are always on the go. But I got to thinking the other day about how I got to be where I am today. I’m a well-respected marketer running a successful marketing agency, and the things I do today come second nature to me.

But it didn’t always used to be that way. What many people don’t know about me is that 25 years ago I was working in a bank and had no plans to run a business much less market it.

So how did I make the transition? To be honest most of my motivation was driven by necessity. I started as a freelance copywriter offering copywriting services, working from home so that I could look after my two young kids. But then I got busy as demand for my services grew and I ended up having to rent an office and hire extra staff. Suddenly I had a business I hadn’t even planned!

Marketing agency going just fine until the recession hit!

It was the realisation that I now had the responsibility of not only ensuring my own income each month but also my staffs’ that got me researching and learning about marketing. I had to make sure I was bringing in the business to cover expenses and then some. Things were going OK but I hadn’t long set up when the 1997 crash happened. Demand for my services seemed to dry up overnight. I was back to square one. I was so disappointed with myself in letting my staff down and I swore this would never happen again.

Knowledge is power

So I set about making sure it didn’t. I devoured books, I read all I could find on the Internet, I attended seminars, I made notes on what my clients were doing and I learned all I could about marketing. I hired people who knew things I didn’t and we expanded beyond just copywriting. As a team we became a one-stop marketing solution for our clients, from conceptualisation through to publication in print and online.

I set up multiple complementary services to add additional income streams aimed at making my business recession proof. The bonus was they also added value to some of my clients.

Continuous learning to keep up with the times

But despite the learning, I wasn’t keeping up with market trends. When I one day analysed the kinds of enquiries we were getting in from new leads, I realised that the demand had shifted. From getting mostly print based marketing enquiries and the occasional digital marketing enquiry, I realised that the demand had reversed and most of our enquiries were for online content.

So it was back to the learning again! What knowledge were we lacking? How do we fill the gap? Who do we add to the team? And each time Google or online platforms make changes that affect search results or content views, we have to learn again.

None of us were born with the knowledge we have today. We learned stuff along the way and we’ll keep learning because that’s how we get to be the best at what we do.





the missing piece
of your marketing puzzle.