I’m a copywriter. I was lucky to have an education

Copywriter and agent for change

As a copywriter, I’m very aware that I can earn a living from my craft because I received an education that assured my literacy. Sure, there were days when I begrudged going to school. But all in all, the fact that I’ve been lucky enough to have had an education has meant that I have become an independent woman able to make my way in the world and have the freedom to do what I love. That luck came about because I was lucky enough to be born in a country and a community where education was not just an option, but compulsory.

But some children don’t have access to that basic right

They live in impoverished areas where schools don’t exist because the facilities and infrastructure and money just aren’t there. It’s a vicious cycle of poverty that perpetuates because, from generation to generation, communities of children don’t have a chance for an education.

I believe that all children deserve to have an education, and that it is education that will free communities from the cycle of poverty

That’s why I jumped in immediately when my mentor Regan Hillyer invited me to join her crowd funding campaign as a fellow supporter and campaigner of education for all children. As Regan says, some people just get that they can impact the world.

I can see that my education has allowed me to impact my community as a copywriter. I can help clients who don’t have a skill for words to market their businesses better.

But through this incredible campaign, I can now impact beyond my immediate community. In this campaign, I can impact the education of children in India who will now have access to education because, in part, I stepped up and took part. Maybe one of them will become a copywriter and be empowered to build their own business and impact people with that business.

We can all make an impact

Each of us who has been lucky enough to have an education has the power to make that impact on the world for the cost of just a latte a day for just 3 short months!  For less than $300 in individual spend in total, it takes just 33 people to fund one school. That freaking AMAZING!!!!

But what’s also amazing is how many of us don’t take action when we have the chance. How many of us think “I’ll do it later” or “I can’t make a difference” or “Someone else will donate”.

In short how many of us just don’t get that such a small action can make a HUGE difference to the lives of 1,000 children a year for the next 30 years!

I’m so EXCITED by this cause because I believe in education and I can see how powerful this Change Heroes cause is. It really doesn’t take much from us, yet we can make such a big difference to so many. What’s to decide?

What’s stopping you?

Visit Regan’s page here to create your impact on the world!


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