Do your potential customers get what you do, really? I mean, really? Or are you leaving a sh*tload of money on the table???

One of the most common mistakes I see businesses make in their marketing is not clearly communicating what it is they actually do and the obvious benefit that brings to their clients.

They think what is obvious to them should be obvious to EVERYBODY. But I’m here to tell you that is simply not so.

Over the Christmas holidays, I discovered an awful truth. I’ve been guilty of exactly the same thing! The Content Fairy Godmother had dropped her magic wand!

And I have my wonderful sister to thank for waking me up to it.

You see, over the past few months, posts on my various social media platforms have focussed heavily on ‘content’, as that is what we ‘do’. That app you can use to analyse the most common words you use on Facebook clearly illustrated ‘content’ as the most common word in my posts, just to crystalise the point.

So, while I was back in the UK in December, my sister decided to ask me the question that had been bugging her about my posts for months: “Just WTF is ‘content’??!” She’s pretty blunt, my sis!

She went on to rage that to her, ‘content’ is the tea in her mug or the biscuits in the biscuit tin. In simpler times, THAT was the meaning of ‘content’.

“What the hell is content marketing? What is it that you actually do???”

Wow, did that open my eyes! And she works high up the corporate ladder. It really got me thinking.

How many people we are marketing to about ‘content’ feel like my sister? How many just aren’t familiar with the jargon terms that digital marketers use as a matter of course every day? How many potential clients had I alienated? And not just alienated! Failed!

How many businesses had I failed by not speaking THEIR language but ASSUMING they understood MINE???

I was devastated! You see, I see it as my OBLIGATION to help as many business owners and marketing executives as I can to really ramp up their marketing effectiveness.

But if I was falling at the first hurdle by not even selling across what I do and why they NEED content marketing as part of their marketing strategy, then I’d failed them. Period!

The Content Fairy Godmother needs to sparkle her magic fairy dust much wider!

And it’s so frustrating for me because businesses need to understand just how important ‘content’ is for them in this digital era.

They need to be clear on

  • where their customers hang out online
  • who their customers really are
  • that not all customers are equal
  • that a one-size-fits-all campaign doesn’t work as you can’t please all people all the time
  • where their potential customers go and where to find them
  • what their potential customers’ pain points are
  • what level to engage customers at
  • how Google will reward or penalise their marketing efforts by the ‘content’ they put out
  • how we live in a ‘give first’ world and why it’s important for their marketing
  • why buyers buy and why they don’t.

And it all comes down to – you guessed it – CONTENT!

So when my sister woke me up to the simple fact that not everyone gets ‘content’ and why ‘content’ is so important to marketSMART, it really got the Content Fairy Godmother in me riled up.

I realised that I need to educate and give value to businesses so they can understand HOW MUCH MONEY THEY ARE LEAVING ON THE TABLE, especially if they don’t get the concept of ‘content’ or content marketing, and how crucial it is to the business they do.

So that’s going to be the focus of my communication over the next month.

Because it’s my obligation to make sure that you get this.

That you understand how the scene has changed. That what got you here, won’t get you to where you need to be next. And thankfully, you don’t have to be left behind.

And the good news is that it’s NEVER BEEN EASIER OR CHEAPER to get in front of customers that will buy from you, IF YOU KNOW HOW.

It’s my OBLIGATION to make sure you know why and you know how.

I’m so excited to share this with you!

Do follow me so you don’t miss out on what’s coming up. I want you to be able to MAXIMISE your marketing in 2017 and really see results!

Remember. Don’t just market. MarketSMART!

If you recognise right now that you’ve been leaving money on the table and don’t want to wait for my future posts, book me now for a complimentary marketing audit session.

Sparking the entrepreneurial spirit in primary students with my marketing advice

Last week I had the opportunity to spend some time at a local primary school for girls and give them some valuable marketing advice. And honestly, it was a bit of a treat to take some time out of my hectic schedule and spend a morning with some seriously inspiring kids!

marketing advice

I was invited to visit the school to empower the girls with some solid marketing advice for their latest project: the end-of-year school bazaar. Like a much cuter and less cut-throat version of The Apprentice, the girls will be setting up their own stalls at the bazaar, selling a selection of products and competing to raise the most profit for a charitable cause.

So what did I cover?

The importance of knowing your market

OK, so school might not quite be the world’s most competitive market, but a good first rule in business is knowing how to choose the right product. There’s no point selling sweets if the other kids want chocolate, right? So I suggested the girls conduct a survey to ask the younger kids in school what kinds of products they’d like to buy, and then select their product to meet that demand.

The girls were worried about pricing their products – what if they charged too low and didn’t make a profit at all? So I also explained a simple method they could use to discover their break-even point. From there, they were able to determine a suitable pricing structure.

How to build a brand identity and marketing strategy

Standing out from the crowd is all about the brand! I explained to the girls how a strong brand would create a greater perceived product value and allow them to mark up their prices. I also taught them how they could create a buzz around their brand by sharing product teasers on social media and designing advertising posters to decorate their stalls on the day.

Marketing advice only goes so far on the day

The groundwork is important. But sales skills are crucial! To demonstrate the best way to close a deal, we talked about sales targets and tactics. I suggested each group select one person to take charge of the stall on the day itself. That person would be responsible for driving sales, drawing potential customers in and pushing the whole team to hit their targets. Every person who walks by is a missed sales opportunity. Pull them in!

And I learnt something, too!

By far my youngest audience yet, the class proved to be very receptive to my suggestions for marketing and pricing their products. I don’t know whether there were some future leading businesswomen in that room (I hope so!), but regardless, I wanted them all to realise that they are more than capable of starting their own business one day.

I discovered that children are incredibly receptive to marketing advice and can grasp the concepts really quickly. Not only was it incredibly rewarding to meet with some mini entrepreneurs in the making, but it was wonderful to see a school providing opportunities like that to 11- and 12-year-olds. I would have loved an opportunity like that when I was at school!

Do you remember the moment you discovered your entrepreneurial spirit?