Marketing to your current database is a must!

Sometimes we get so caught up with marketing to new leads and chasing conversions that we forget about the valuable resource we already have on hand – our database of contacts – or our list.

Your list is gold

There is a tendency for some small business owners to think that if they’ve marketed to their list and people haven’t bought, then there’s no chance for a sale in the future.

This couldn’t be further from the truth!

There are many reasons why people in your list haven’t bought from you in the past and none of these reasons mean that they won’t do so in the future!

Here’s some of them:

  1. They were swamped with emails and didn’t even see the one you sent among the hundreds that flood their box daily
  2. They saw your email marketing message but were too busy that day and nothing registered. They didn’t even realise the email came from you.
  3. You think they remember you from that networking event you met at last year, but in reality they have no recollection of who you are and don’t associate your marketing message with anything they may need right now.
  4. They saw your email and even flagged it to look at later as it peaked their interest. But life got in the way and they forgot all about it as it disappeared from the first page of your feed.
  5. They saw it and were interested and have filed your information away for contact when they are ready. Now is just not the right time.
  6. You are marketing one offer but this guy would actually benefit from something else you sell that they don’t even know you do because you never promote it.
  7. They saw it but won’t buy for themselves because they never will use your product.

Here’s how to get the above customers to buy from you:

  1. Email an eye catching design with a strong compelling heading to grab their attention. Email more often so they become familiar with and begin to trust your brand.
  2. Up the frequency you do your email marketing campaigns so they become familiar with your brand.
  3. Personalise your emails and make reference to the meeting. Make the benefits of your offer clear to create a perceived need.
  4. You’ve got a really good chance of getting this one to buy! Email regularly and chances are the next time your email pops up, they’ll remember they forgot last time and this time they’ll take action.
  5. Keep emailing. When the time is right, they’ll contact you as you’ll already be top of mind.
  6. Ramp up your email campaigns by focussing on different offers each time or, better still, segment your list and target smaller niches with just the products you know will interest them.
  7. Think they’ll never buy? Not necessarily so! They may become your biggest advocate and recommend you to others as they trust your brand. Then there’s always seasonal gifts and promotions. Just because they don’t use your product doesn’t mean they won’t buy it as a gift for someone who will.

What’s the greatest marketing takeaway from this?

If they are on your list, you have a possibility for a sale. They haven’t removed themselves yet!

The biggest reasons people don’t respond to your emails is:

  • they don’t notice them because you don’t stand out
  • you don’t email often enough to have your brand be familiar and trusted. People buy from those they know and trust.
  • you aren’t offering them the products they will actually buy from you
  • they forgot all about you EVEN IF THEY BOUGHT FROM YOU BEFORE because you just don’t get in front of them, and they end up buying from someone more persistent.

The bottom line? You are just not getting out there often enough. Any good salesman will tell you persistence pays off – eventually.

Don’t leave opportunity on the table. Get planning your email marketing campaigns now!



Author: Ange Dove

Ange Dove is an author, mentor and master copywriter. The founder of content creation agency, Proof Perfect, Ange is also known as your Copy Warrior, protecting your corporate reputation with words that count. Get in touch to get Ange to go to battle for your copy. Always MarketSMART.



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