Is setting a small business marketing plan too complicated?

I’ve been speaking to some of my small business clients over the last few weeks about the challenges they face putting their small business marketing plan into action.

The same responses kept coming up time and time again:

  1. I just don’t have time to do it all, keep up with it all or orchestrate it all
  2. I don’t really know that much about online marketing so we stick to the offline channels only
  3. I try some online marketing but to be honest I’m just targeting everyone and hoping something sticks because it’s too expensive or time consuming to put things out to different target audiences
  4. I’m not sure I’m reaching my target audience or even that I really know who my target audience is
  5. What marketing plan?

For response 1: I get it. You really need to be focussing on your business and hand over the marketing to someone who has the time and means to put your small business marketing plan into action.

For response 2: You’re missing out on so much! The world’s moved. It’s all online. Think of the younger generation today – grown up on technology. This is the majority of you buying public and the percentage is only going to get bigger with every year! Get online!

For response 3: It’s great that you are doing things, but hoping against hope is not much of a strategy. You need to get in front of the right people and laser focus your marketing.

For response 4: Knowing who you are communicating to is crucial. You need to be speaking the language your audience can relate to or you are wasting your time.

For response 5:  Call me!

What could we do to help small businesses create a good small business marketing plan?

So I got to thinking: Since so many small businesses seem to face the same challenges, and since it’s small businesses that need marketing support the most, why don’t I come up with a system for them to systemise their marketing actions to make it easier to manage and so that they have a small business marketing plan.

Then it would make it cheaper for my business to be able to manage their whole plan for them at a FAR lower cost than if they came to us on an ad hoc basis.

So I put together a monthly marketing action plan called Market My Business For Me that we can systematically action for any small business for less than it would cost for them to employ ONE good marketing manager per month.

And with that manageable fee, they get not one marketing support staff but our ENTIRE team working for them AND they get all their marketing communication pieces written and designed and uploaded for them into the bargain! And they have their small business marketing plan in place to work from!

I am so excited to roll this out because I foresee that it is going to help a LOT of small businesses to get in front of the right customer and convert interest into DRAMATICALLY increased sales.

After all, you can’t sell if no one knows you are out there. It’s all about getting seen, and seen in the right places by the right people.


A FREE marketing toolkit for businesses that want to get started right now

I know that some of you are desperate to get going, so I’ve also put together a marketing toolkit packed with the essential elements to get you going if you want to handle it all yourself.

So head on over to download it now, and do get in touch with me if you have any questions getting it going. I’ll be glad to help.

So looking forward to talking to you!

Author: Ange Dove

Ange Dove is an author, mentor and master copywriter. The founder of content creation agency, Proof Perfect, Ange is also known as your Copy Warrior, protecting your corporate reputation with words that count. Get in touch to get Ange to go to battle for your copy. Always MarketSMART.



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