They believed in me …

“Ange Dove is to me what I am to my clients, a guardian angel and professional problem solver! She takes care of the details and ensures that my websites are eloquently presented so that I can focus on researching the law, which is what I enjoy most.”

Sam Choong

Messrs Khaw Cheow Poh & Associates

“Ange always captures our message accurately, minimizing the need for rewrites. We’ve used other vendors and Proof Perfect definitely adds value by delivering the completed designs before our requested deadlines. They produce quality work and obviously take pride in them.”

Priscilla Ong

Yamaha Music School

“Ange was very easy to work with… she came down to our office to try out our products personally, and could immediately craft the ideas for our marketing. She grasped our needs really quickly, and I didn’t have to waste time with back and forth changes. She has real experience in the field, and her work led to higher conversion and more appointments for us!”



“Ange achieved our results by understanding what I wanted and provided everything according to my requirements. I was initially worried that outsourcing would create communication errors and gaps… but Angela and her team were very patient and dedicated, constantly checking in to make sure we were on the same page.”

Jeanne Tan

Yanmar Asia